Lake LillithLake Lillith

Lillith non è una strega cattiva, né una dea meravigliosa, ma l’essenza naturale della donna che non si autocompiace né si autocommisera. Semplicemente è. Stefania Bonatelli Con le plumbee acque del lago, una donna gestante intesse una danza di movimenti … Continue reading

Private MourningLutto Privato

The first step in a much wider-reaching work focused on the varied aspects of womanhood, Private Mourningportrays the woman and her body as means of expression for suffering. In the video, pain delves into the deepest realms of intimacy, digging, contorting … Continue reading

Alina’s waters

(site-specific) Along the coast near Rome, the ancient ruins of Anzio and Nettuno mark the boundary line between what is no more and what is still to come, the point where past legacy influences the present, where the nighttime horizon … Continue reading